Sunday, September 28, 2008

RU - BA - RU

Today, I watched Ru-ba-ru. The movie was about a guy in a live-in relationship with this girl whom he loves dearly but in past some time he has engaged himself into his work so deeply that he doesn’t realize his love for her. Then one night he had this dream about her in which she meets with an accident. The next day, when he finds some incidents similar to his dream, he believes that his dream was kind of true and she WILL meet this accident. And so to protect her to make it’s her day in whichever way he can he does his best. At the end, the dream does come true, just that he was with her in reality and took over the death on him.

Well, I won’t say it was some kind of brilliant cinema or things like that. But personally, I found the movie very engaging. The whole execution of the story was simple and engaging. And it certainly had its moments. It made me think of a few bits of my own life and towards the end, I definitely was mesmerized.

Randeep Hooda, the lead actor was good. And Shahana Goswami… I was quite awestruck by her performance in Rock On! Now I went full fida over her… Brilliant she is! I don’t know if it falls into the categories of must-watch movies, but I am happy that I watched it.