Monday, December 7, 2009

One more chance

When I as done with watching Paa, in middle of all those obvious good things, I saw a chance. I chance to re-brand, re-establish and re-energize Doordarshan.

If you see the movie, you will very categorically feel a that it can be a good marketing tool for Doordarshan. When the character of Abhishek Bachchan pronounces, "Maine Doordarshan ko isliye chuna, kyonki isse sabse jyada log dekhte hain - I selected Doordarshan because it is watched by maximum number of users", it reaffirms the fact that Doordarshan still remains the Channel through which India connects.

Also, the way soberness of News on Doordashan is, I guess unknowingly, contrasted against the "Breaking News" Fever on all other channels, where only drama sells, not only daily soaps but in news, in sports... any and everything the other channels show.

Well, frankly speaking, I am not a Doordarshan support, or anything. I firmly believe that if they are not able to live up to the competition, they must die. But here, its not about this channel; its about the chance the movie has offered the channel to use in its favor. To gain publicity from a movie, that too a good movie with a good star cast, is generally sought after by media houses. Here, it comes for free, or for very low remunerations.

I am not sure if some Doordarshan fellow will read this blog and ant or react to this.
Just thought of sharing my observation and view point.

And to end, sharing one more point of view, I don't really think that Paa was an appropriate title. The story was of "Auro", and for some reason if the director was not comfortable naming it after him, it could have next best be called as "Maa", as Vidya Balan's character was pretty strong in the movie.

Anyways, with or without appropriate name, the movie is worth to watch out for.