Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 21 - Fall Or Flight?

He, the insolent one.
Flew, higher than instructed.
Defying what was told to be right.
That too, from his father,
the caring one.

Those waxed wings,
the masterpiece
- of a fine craftsman
that his father was,
freed him from the cages
of King Minos…

Those waxed wings,
Indeed, freed him
from the cages of the King,
and before they could chain him
in the doctrines of his father,
he freed himself,
and flew up in the sky,
to reach that sun.
The hot burning sun.
To do what no one did before him.
To reach where none could.
And the wax melted.
The wings dropped.
His body descended. 
Steep. Sharp. Silent.
In the deep blue sea.

What’s right?
and what’s wrong?
What if the life itself
was not valued
more than that one flight
closest to the sun?
What if, the death
as he fulfilled his dream,
or may be his ‘immature’ desire,
was not as big a loss
as not having flown highest
while he had those wings,
those waxed wings?

In your myth,
he is an ignorant looser.
In mine, a dreamer.
In your's, his fall matters,
In mine, the flight.
Whose myth is the truth,
of that fall of Icarus?

Who can decide?

- Based on the story of Icarus. The image is a painting by Charles Griffith and is sourced from fineartamerica website.

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